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Cannot play .MID files on Windows 10
First off, great software, great service, thanks for everything.

I have the Android version and the Windows 10 version and I am able to sync my libraries between the 2. I have .MID files with my sheets in the Android version and they play fine. However, on the Win10 version I get the error message:

"Unable to load the file: C:\users\AppData\myname\Local\Packages\xxxZubersoft.Mobilesheetsxxx\LocalState\SongName\Filename.mid"

(xxx = seemingly random numbers)

I have verified that the file is there and it seems to be correct. I have tried the experimental player as well.

Win10: 2.6.3

Wild guess that it has something to do with not being able to play .MID files. Have not tried .MP3 files.

What can I do to troubleshoot it?
As mentioned in several threads such as this one https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/forum...&pid=25336, the Windows 10 version does not currently support MIDI playback. Microsoft chose not to support it with their audio player framework, and the Superpowered audio library also doesn't support MIDI playback. There are also no other commercial or open source libraries that play back MIDI as audio in a universal windows platform application. So I'm going to have to write my own MIDI synthesizer to read MIDI commands in from a file and feed them to the "GS Wavetable Synth" that is built in to Windows 10 which should produce the audio output (in theory). 


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