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Looking for info on USB MIDI connections
I'm new to MSP and I couldn't find in the manual (and in this forum, too) a straightforward explanation about how to connect the app to a MS PC (win7 and/or win10) via USB cable in order to exchange MIDI commands and such.
The software counterpart on the PC would be a DAW. I prefer a wired connection when performing on stage (that's me).

Could you please suggest the best way to do so (or point me to an already available documentation) ?
In the "Settings-->MIDI Settings-->Configure Midi Connections" options, the connection Type USB is available; which are the differences among Midi libraries default/google/superpowered ?
Which virtual midi port drivers should I preferably install on the PC ?

I am running MSP 2.6.2 in Android 6.0.1 on a Lenovo TAB2 A10-30.

Thanks in advance

First, connect your device using a USB cable, and when the popup on your device asks how to handle the USB connection, make sure you select "Use device as MIDI". If you don't get this popup (meaning you selected a default action for the USB connection), then drag down from the top of the screen, and then tap on the "Use USB for" entry and pick "Use device as MIDI". 

Next, go to "Configure MIDI Connections" and select "Google". Hopefully your device supports Google's MIDI library, as that is required to connect to virtual MIDI ports on the PC. If your PC has virtual MIDI ports available for connection, they should show up in the list. If you have not installed drivers for this, then you will need to do so. Something like this https://www.nerds.de/en/loopbe1.html should work. I believe I tested that and it worked fine. Then you can hook up the DAW using that (I can't provide directions for that obviously). 

Let me know if you run into issues with any of that.

Thanks for your fast reply, I will test your suggested route when I'm back home.
One question: is the manual (version 1.1.2) up to date with your most recent release? I couldn't find information on USB midi connection...

Anyway, MSP is a great tool!
It's out-of-date. I'm going to be updating it after the next update is released as I have a lot of new functionality and options to document.

updating here.

When I tried to select the Google's library I obtained the following msg:
"Google's MIDI library is not supported on this device".
End of the story.

So I think I have to switch to another new tablet (thank you, manufacturer).
Any suggestion about a candidate make/model supporting this feature?

I think any Samsung or major name brand tablet running 7.0 or higher is a pretty safe bet. Same with Chromebooks - the Android version is constantly updated on them which is a major bonus. MIDI works great on the Samsung Chromebook Plus i got for testing.


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