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Auto-Scrolling AND foot pedals working simultaneously?

I can look into trying to support this in a future update. I used to allow the pedal to be used in combination with automatic scrolling, but it actually caused very negative behavior in some situtations. The way automatic scrolling is designed, it basically recalculates the amount to scroll for page (depending upon how much of the page is shown) and then performs a scroll over time for that amount of pixels. I'm relying on the Android framework to recalculate the layout for the pages on the screen each time a UI update occurs, and my software calculates the amount to offset each page based upon how much time has occurred since the last layout was triggered. So the scrolling is not something that can be interrupted and restarted with ease because if the pedal shifted the page, and potentially changed the page, all of the parameters for the automatic scrolling have now changed and all of the calculations that were performed are now invalid. That is why the software stops the automatic scrolling in this case. What I can look into doing in the future is to add one more step - after the automatic scrolling is stopped, the pedal initiates the scroll and the scroll animation has completed, then I could invoke the automatic scrolling again (which would recalculate the amount to scroll) but it would skip the pause before starting. If "Scroll entire score in fixed duration" is the current setting, then this gets more complicated as I have to save how much time had elapsed during the last automatic scroll, and then recalculate the speed at which to scroll the remaining pages in order to finish in that amount of time. The reason I haven't attempted to adjust any of this behavior is because I really want to avoid messing up anything with the automatic scrolling, as users spend hours and hours adjusting all their automatic scrolling settings to get things perfect for their performances. Any small change I make can mess up those settings if I'm not careful (which I have done in the past and people were VERY angry). So I have to ensure that any change I make does not change the behavior of the scrolling in any way that would cause those users settings to no longer be correct.


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RE: Auto-Scrolling AND foot pedals working simultaneously? - by Zubersoft - 06-03-2019, 04:13 AM

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