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Auto-Scrolling AND foot pedals working simultaneously?
I'd like to revisit this older thread based upon my recent experiences with tablet score reading.

I had set my two pedals to "start/stop scrolling" and "page back", and it works so far. But my recent observations:

# Setting a scroll speed to play with a "human" player group (in opposition to playing with a computer) is difficult and subject to change.
# The "page back" pedal can fully be replaced by a manual interaction, at least in all my uses so far

What I am missing after all is:

# Increase (moderately) the scroll speed without stopping the actually happening scrolling

The reasoning:

If the scrolling is (a bit) too fast (i.e.: my reading point slowly moves up on the screen), I can always give it a break with the scrolling toggle pedal. But if I run out of lines below (i.e.: scrolling is too slow) there is no means to readjust the scroll without a manual interaction. The only means offered so far would be: Set 2nd pedal to advance the score a portion of, say, 70% of the screen height. But this leads quite certainly to a loss of focus of the point that is to be read on the sheet, and it will need a double interaction: Jump and restart scrolling - which is quite distracting, IMHO.

As the scroll timing mismatch perception (you continuously tend to look to either always deeper or higher places on the tablet) is a rather slow one if the original scroll speed is not set completely wrong the use of such a speed increase functionality is not a stressy one, so I could typically choose a less difficult reading situation to invoke it.

Mike did mention further up that he could implement some adjustment function without breaking the presently implemented time-keeping functionality for those not in need of it. Therefore I'd love to see this feature (moderately increase scroll speed by a pedal action without stopping the ongoing scroll) implemented.

What do you think, Mike?

Playing classical music on a wind controller hobby-wise - and tired of carrying around tons of paper sheets.  Wink

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