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Cannot sync 2 devices
Yes, that is correct. If you set up a new device, you'll be getting the latest version, which may cause incompatibilities if you are using older versions on other devices. 

The reason the companion can't be made universal is because it's tightly coupled to the database definition. You can't mix databases with different table definitions. Trying to add support for backward compatibility across all different database versions and features would be a nightmare. The user interfaces reflect the settings that are available in the most recent definition of the database. If I had to support multiple database definitions, I would have to support layouts for every dialog that can change their logic and what is displayed based upon what database version is being used. The amount of complexity and work this would add is huge. 

Having said that, different versions of MobileSheets stay compatible until the database changes. I usually try to avoid database changes unless absolutely necessary. Users often request new features that require modifications to the database, so in order to accomodate these requests, I have to make periodic changes to the database tables. I just try to space these out as much as I can, and schedule multiple database changes to happen at once when possible.


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