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Sync Devices with multiple librarys
Hi there,

I tried to Sync my tablet with my phone. Somehow i made it. On the tablet i have multiple (3) librarys. After the sync is only the default library on the phone. Even copying the .db Files to the phone Shows only the default library. Could i get the other librarys somehow to work?
If you are using the "Switch Library" feature, you would need to first create each library on the phone to match the tablet. Then you would need to sync each library on the tablet to each library on the phone, one at a time. This is required as all of the features are designed around using the current database file. Switching the library just switches which database file is being used. 

Got it. Thanks.
One thing i noticed that the smart Buttons connected to song positions have lost the Song position. They are showing up but all playing the Song from the beginning. But maybe i screwd something up with the file Transfer between the Devices.
If that is not working after perfoming a library sync, then there may be a bug. I will look into this to see if I can reproduce it. If I can, I'll get a fix in place for the next update.

I have found the bug and have a fix in place now that will be included with the next update.

Thank you Mike

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