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Can't import local file
Recently the import local file function started hanging up after a file is selected and the import dialog starts, with the swirling hourglass going for minutes (indefinitely) instead of just seconds. The Cancel function is inactive so I have to close the database to quit the process. I tried restoring a previous backup database and Import works fine.  The current copy has about 25 additional songs vs the backup copy.

Is there some way to fix a "corrupted" database that won't allow import,  and/or is there a way to export a simple text list of songs with an associated last update date so I can compare old vs. new databases to ID the new songs that would need to be recreated or those to be updated?

This problem has been occurring on a MS Surface Book running Win 10 Pro #1809 and MS Version 2.6.5 for a week now.
Can you update to version 2.6.8 and verify that problem is still occurring with the latest update? I just want to rule out issues that may have been fixed. To update, open the Microsoft Store, search for MobileSheets and tap the button to update.

If it is a database problem, then fixing a corrupted database would depend upon the nature of the problem. You can go to the Songs tab and sort by "Date Created" to see when the songs were added to the library. That might allow you to figure out which songs are the most recent ones. If you want to generate a list of songs with the update date displayed, you'll need to do a few things:

1) Add all of the songs to a setlist. This can be done by creating a new setlist and tapping the icon with two arrows.
2) Go to Settings->Library Settings->Generate Song Title Format and add %CREATION_DATE% where you want it to show up next to the title.
3) Long press the setlist on the setlists tab, tap the three dots at the top right and then tap on "Generate Song List".

If you go to C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\41730Zubersoft.MobileSheets_ys1c8ct2g6ypr\LocalState and send mobilesheets.db to mike@zubersoft.com, I can try testing with your database file.

Thanks for the quick response Mike!

I updated to 2.6.8 via the MS Store but still have the same negative results.
I will upload db file and an msb file of the database giving me problems.

Best Regards
Mike - one follow up question on generating a song list once I've completed steps 1 & 2.

In step 3 as listed, do I select the Setlist Tab to display all setlists, then select the ALL SONGS setlist?
Long pressing the Setlist Tab doesn't do anything apparent.

Tapping on the 3 dots under the Setlist tab, I don't find any "Generate Song List" option.
Only Import, Add Songs, Remove Songs, or Create Setlist or Collection.
Under Settings/Library Settings I see "Generate Song List Format" but that's it.

So what am I missing?
Mike -
My bad - I see now I long press the - ALL SONGS setlist - and it becomes highlighted and a new menu appears.
Got it.

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