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fast action to Toggle Orientation, circumventing a long tap sequence
(07-27-2019, 03:13 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: If you want the button configurable to only trigger between two selected orientations, I'm going to have to defer this for the future, as that would require new dialogs and other UI elements, translations, and settings to be persisted. With the other high priority feature requests and issues, I can't slip in that amount of work at the moment. If you either want a toggle that flips through one at a time, or if you want to tap the button to display a dropdown list with the four orientations from which you can pick, I could do that much faster and slip it into an update.

I should add that I plan on placing this new icon in one of the corners of the quick action box.

Thanks Mike for considering this so quickly. Hmmm... If I had to choose I guess I'd go with whatever you could provide sooner. Certainly it's up to you if you have a preference for what and when, given your amazing workload. I'd be happy with either the flipping or the dropdown, whichever is simpler to implement. The fewest total keystrokes, and/or the least hand movement to tap targets, and/or the quickest operation would be ideal [Image: rainbow.gif].

To consider: Would the new icon already be the toggle button? After either flipping to or tapping your orientation, would any further "done" action be required before getting back to the song display? The 4-way toggle switch would be more transitional with the possibility of any (distant) future decision to implement a 2-way toggle.

It would be great if the orientation choice that appeared on the first toggle tap could always be your previous orientation, if MS could remember it? MS does remember orientation across sessions. In that case, the whole issue collapses back to a toggle that just triggers your PREVIOUS orientation, if there was one. To set it up the user would at first or at any time manually select an orientation using the current mechanisms, and if desired do that again. Now he can toggle between his current and last-used orientation faster than an accelerometerSmile. It seems to me that would be the easiest and most elegant way to provide the function. Minimal taps and maximal flexibility.

Once you use a corner of the quick action box, I guess the other corners become prime real estate.

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