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Transposable Scores
I like being able to transpose scores on the tablet quickly. To do that I use links in my PDFs.
After creating a score in MuseScore and exporting it as PDF to be used in MSP I insert links with Sciurius' PDFLink tool.
Clicking the link in MSP opens the linked file in the respective standard app. The linked file has to be in the same folder as the PDF.

On Win10 that's usually the desktop version for the linked file extension, e.g. MuseScore for .MSCZ or .MUSICXML.

On Android an app is required that can render the file and allows transposing.
For a long time I was more or less satisfied with MuseScore Songbook for Android. It still works but is not maintained any more and doesn't support MuseScore 3.x. I'm completely unhappy with its successor MuseScore Android and finally gave up testing it and reporting errors. It turned out to be useless. So I switched to Phonic Score recently.
It costs less than 5 EUR, opens fast and reliably and allows transposing. Much better than MuseScore on Android. A free version without transposing and limited to three scores is available, so it's really just for a first test. But PhonicScore doesn't support .MSCZ natively, it requires .musicxml or .mxl (compressed musicxml).

Now I finally worked out my future solution that I want to let you know:
Instead of (or additionally to) a link to the .mscz file I call MuseScore via command line and export an .mxl file. This works with both MuseScore V2 and MuseScore V3. The command line parameters are the same. MuseScore V3 also exports from .MSCZ V2 files.
For convenience I combined creating the .mxl and calling PDFLink with my favorite parameters in an old-style batch file.

A similar solution is possible using .abc files. I tested it on Android with TradMusician, on Windows with EasyyABC.
.ABC has been discussed before in https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/forum...p?tid=4287

It should also be possible with any other program that can export musicxml e.g. Sibelius or Capella. As I don't own one of them I did not try that.

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