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Large import breaks library
Android only supports 4 GB files (a limitation of the file system). MobileSheetsPro will be unable to continue writing to the file and will encounter an error. I don't have a mechanism for splitting msf files across a 4 GB boundary (same with library backup files). 

So I will run some tests with 2500 songs as that is more in line with what you are attempting at the moment. 

Oh, I did not know about the file size limit... It seems to work fine otherwise.

Maybe I need to import my entire library again but convert from PDF to image - would that reduce the file size?

I could probably do without the new 10,000 tunes, but it would be nice to have them, all the same, as one of my bands refers to the occasional file in it.
Most likely not - PDFs usually use decent compression algorithms, especially for grayscale or black and white images. One thing you could do is sync your library to the cloud using Sync Library->Sync to a cloud folder, and then your band mates can just sync to that folder and it will pull in all 10000 songs. If you need to limit this to just the new 10000 songs, use Settings->Library Settings->Switch Library to set up a temporary library first that you can clear later. Alternatively, you can use Sync Library->Sync to another device to just sync your device to theirs over WiFi, which would be faster.

I haven't had luck with Sync - it is really slow (even on fast internet) and typically stops at some point.

By the way, I had a misunderstanding in my previous message: I thought the 4GB limit meant the library size, but I think you actually meant the size of the export file.

So far, I have had luck creating about 1GB files by splitting the collection into smaller collections based on the starting letter, and I have 60% of the new files uploaded by now.
Yes, I meant the export file size. I'm glad you are having success with smaller collections, but I'm sorry it's such a tedious process. The sync is slow mainly because uploading to those cloud providers through their interfaces is slow. Using a device to device sync would be much faster.


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