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Candidate suggestions for Floating Toolbar and/or Quick Action Box
If any new real estate were to become available in either the Floating Toolbar or the Quick Action Box, there are some functions which I would find desirable to be able to execute rapidly. Perhaps they could be settable options for these areas or for pedals or tap zones. So for the Floating Toolbar on the Library Display or the Quick Action Box on the Song Display, or both, I propose:

---->Fullscreen Mode toggle on the Max2 Pro. Hide or Show the notification bar, like the Filters show/hide toggle in the floating toolbar. This bar is sometimes useful not just for notifications. It provides quick access to the A2 toggle which enables fast screen refresh and occasional taps to turn off A2 for full refresh to clear ghosting.

Also, tapping the Home icon on the notification bar suspends MSP and takes you out to the Onyx home screen, so that when you return to MSP it resumes in the same state, wherever you were in the Library Screen or Song Display. Similarly the Multi-tasking icon lets you switch to another app, leaving MSP in the same state for when you resume.

---->Absent the above toggle, perhaps an icon to temporarily suspend MSP and take you out to Onyx environment. Unless there's already a way to do that that I'm unaware of. The hardware back button on the Max2 Pro just exits MSP.

---->Orientation toggle between portrait and landscape.

There might be several other candidate functions that users would like to have instantly available, without the interruption of navigating a long series of screen or pedal taps.

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