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Annotation rework
While it's possible that could end up helping, things always get more complicated the more people that are involved, and if there is a distribution of responsibilities, I wouldn't feel comfortable dictating a schedule to people who are volunteering their time. I really appreciate anyone who would be willing to help in that way though. Perhaps if I open source some of the code at some point (perhaps create some modules that are open source but keep some of the code proprietary), that could open up possibilities. 

Very understandable.  I know how it feels to spend your time managing developers when you'd rather just be coding.

The only way it would work is to farm out bugfixes / feature requests that are low priority for the product as a whole, yet the outside dev feels strongly about.  They also have to be fairly self-contained (in the sense of code modularity).  It would not work for major surgery that's on the critical path for release planning, like the Direct2D rewrite discussed here.
(08-31-2019, 06:32 AM)domgi Wrote: I totally agree with a better use of Stamps as to put in fingerings, bowings, breathes and all other more ''classical'' oriented marks, and that the question is about time: the ability to choose and nudge a selected symbol from a pop-up menu is a thing, but being able to choose a reduced set of marks to place in one shot would be better by far (releasing over the music places and saves it?).
Anyways, those I deal with hand writing for now, but I wish to use more of the Stamp tool when this technique is developped in the program...

Let's all hope we get more and more users (upcoming Apple collegues?), in order to guide Mike in his development strategy.


I totally agree with this! I'm using msp on android and am absolutely loving it! My one bugbear however is adding stamps and annotating quickly, especially in choir rehearsals.

It would be great if I could create a subset of quick access stamps that are relevant to the rehearsal I'm going into. For example, the main stamps I'm going to use for choir are flats/sharp/naturals/rests and breath marks (using the bow mark for this at the moment, but if you add a tick or something similar that would be awesome!). At the moment I have to scroll through to find it, add it and nudge it into place, which is much slower than my pencil and paper wielding counterparts.  If those subsets were then able to be saved under a label (so I could have one for choir, another for when I'm marking in fingering for the piano) that would be even more awesome.

Another thing that would be useful would be an option to have a coloured frame around stamps or making the colour of stamps selectable so that it's obvious that it's a stamp rather than part of the original music. I had a situation where the conductor wanted to shorten a semibreve by 1 beat, so I added a crotchet rest using the stamp, but, when we came back to that section later in the rehearsal, at first glance it looked like there were 5 beats in the bar. I ended up adding a coloured square around the annotation but doing this then adds time to the process of adding it.

I appreciate you're really busy Mike, but thought I'd add my tuppence since you were already discussing annotations!
Hi Mike,

(08-31-2019, 05:37 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: ..., and even if I did hire someone, it would create significant complications as then I would have to be a registered LLC with multiple employees instead of a sole proprietor. 

W/r/to the employees' management chores, there may be a "workaround". At least there is one over here in Germany: The so called "Werkvertrag" (treaty to deliver a certain functionality for a pre-defined amount of money) and the "Dienstleistungsvertrag" (treaty to deliver a certain amount of working time for a pre-defined amount of money). Both imply that the cooperation partner remains an entity of its own, so no employment is created. It is rather a business deal between independent partners. Both require the definition of a clearly defined goal (some 2 pages perhaps), but this is nothing compared to the work chores implied by officially hiring employees.

Playing classical music on a wind controller hobby-wise - and tired of carrying around tons of paper sheets.  Wink
@Margaret have you considered drawing those by hand?  Faster (no need to select a specific tool), less precise (you probably won't mistake it for an engraving issue), and color coded.
(10-02-2019, 01:42 AM)Richard Berg Wrote: @Margaret have you considered drawing those by hand?  Faster (no need to select a specific tool), less precise (you probably won't mistake it for an engraving issue), and color coded.
Unfortunately it's not very accurate, a crotchet rest isnt really recognisable because my tablet doesn't have stylus tech built in. To get a crotchet rest recognisable I'd have to zoom in and draw it quite big, which is extra time.
I tend to use text rather than free hand drawing (I find it easier and neater)
Perhaps you could devise some shorthand that indicates a crotchet then tidy it up when you get home ? (I use a Redo setlist to remember songs I need to re-edit).
I realise that this is not what you want but possibly a workaround until this updated feature gets released

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
What I would like to see to ease notation, on the top main menu of the annotation window:
* direct access to a few pre-selected stamps, or the 5 to 10 last used or both. For example, I need only a few of them every time (b, #, natural, mf, f, p...)
* direct access to a few pre-selected color. I  only need red, black maybe sometime blue. I don't need to choose the complete gradient of a given color. I'm a musician, not a painter ;-)
Is there any prospect of a persistent stamp mode in the near future? I know we'd discussed this at one point, and I'd hoped it would be made an option (maybe via options menu) for staying in stamp mode rather than having to hit stamp for each insertion. As mentioned it would save me tons of time every time I undertake a new piece of music putting in violin fingerings.
My plan was just to wait until the annotations rework so that I'm not spending effort changing existing functionality that is just going to be replaced. I was hoping to have the annotations rework finshed by now, but due to frequent feature requests, support requests and bug reports, I haven't had time to dedicate to the rework, so I'm way behind on it. I'm going fulltime on MobileSheets starting January 1st, so that should finally give me the time needed to develop the new functionality. 


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