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Library Sync doesn't update setlists, albums etc
Hi Guys, I'm new to MobileSheets, starting to get my head around it and loving it.
I like to do all my update work on my home PC (comfy chair, two monitors etc) and sync it to my Surface Pro. One thing in particular I would like to do is arrange things into setlists on the PC and update them to the tablet.
However, when I do a Library sync (cloud, Google Drive, 2 way) it seems to ignore changes to any setlists or albums etc, and only sync's changes to songs.
I have all options ticked in the "sync" screen, "two way sync" selected and "use data from the song that was last modified" selected.
Am I missing something?

Both machines running updated Windows 10 and  MobileSheets 2.7.2 over WiFi.

TIA, Cheers
I spent over an hour looking into this. I set up a fresh library on my PC, imported about four songs, created setlists and albums, and uploaded them to a new folder on Google Drive using the Sync Library->Sync to a cloud folder feature. I then used my Surface Pro 4 and sychronized to that folder. So I had the same library on each device. I then made modifications to the setlists and synchronized them to Google Drive. During some of my initial tests, I was able to reproduce exactly what you were describing - it seemed like some of my changes either weren't being uploaded, or weren't being downloaded. The second I set things up so I could investigate, I've been unable to reproduce the problem over 50+ minutes of various tests. I tried clearing both devices, restarting everything from scratch, but now every sync I try works properly. 

Can you please verify that if you try multiple times with the Surface Pro to sync to changes you made on the PC, they aren't seen? Can you also try synchronizing the PC to the same folder, and let me know if you see any messages indicating that the various groups (setlists, albums, etc) are being updated? I need to know if a) the PC is uploading changes you've made, and b) if the tablet is seeing those changes and downloading them. It would help to narrow down which side of the equation is the problem.  Unless I can find a way to reliably reproduce this problem, I'm going to have a tough time figuring it out because the logic seems to work as intended. It would help to know what kind of changes you are making that aren't being synchronized across. I tried removings songs, adding songs, and reordering songs.

Thanks for looking into this Mike. I have also been trying various things in the meantime.
The problem first emerged (I discovered late last night) with empty setlists, and collections. Unless one of these had a song assigned to it the lists wouldn't sync. Specifically, I created them on the PC but unless they were populated, they wouldn't appear on the Surface Pro. I don't know whether they failed to upload or download.
However, this morning I simply cannot reproduce the problem! I synced first thing this morning without making any changes at all and the empty setlists and collections did in fact transfer. <grrr>

I can now make changes on either machine and, following a library sync, they are reflected on the other - as I would expect.

If I can replicate the problem again I will update you.

Thanks for checking this out.
Oh... FWIW I did notice at one stage when the problem was happening, that the time stamps on the cloud sync folder were older than when I last sync'd - which seems to indicate the problem was with the upload from the PC.

just a thought...

Sounds like we encountered similar behavior. I just wish I could figure out what sequence of events causes that transfer failure that you say late last night. It seems almost like the database isn't being uploaded at the end, or the upload is silently failing. Here's hoping I/we can figure it out at some point.


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