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Import photos on Samsung Tab A 2019
I am a new user of Mobilesheets pro. I have imported PDF files without any problems, however I have now tried to import photos which I have taken on my Samsung Tab A(2019). I managed to import 1 photo at a time but can't bulk import. Any ideas why..?
The original photos were lying on there side, I then changed them via gallery to the correct rotation, but on import they are still lying on there side after import. Any thoughts?

When you say you can't bulk import, does that mean you are encountering an error when you try to bulk import? Or are the files just not being pulled in?

If you rotated the images before importing but they still showed up with the original rotation, then that sounds like the gallery didn't actually rotate the files themselves, but just rotated them while you were viewing them. If you rotate the original files after importing, MobileSheetsPro makes a copy of the original files, so modifications to the originals won't be shown in MobileSheetsPro. Having said that, you can easily rotate the pages in MobileSheetsPro itself. There are rotation icons in the bottom left corner of the files tab in the song editor (long press a song on the library screen and tap "Edit Song" at the top), or you can load a song, bring up the song overlay, tap the icon that looks like a gallery image at the bottom left and then tap on "Rotation". 

I've saved the images on Google drive now and importer them from there..still on there side though  although showing correct in Google drive....I was trying to find a flip option within the app. Thanks for the tip there.
To rotate a single song (picture), display it, exit performance mode (if applicable) and tap the centre of the screen
Then press the "mountain range" in the square box (2nd icon from left at bottom)
Choose Rotate.

No idea how you bulk rotate

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
The rotate dialog that is displayed when using Geoff's suggestion has a method for rotating every file in a song. Just long press the rotation icon that has no number in the center and it will prompt you to rotate all pages in the song.


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