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Android 9.0 (Pie); One UI?
Can i use MobileSheetspro vid this tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019) 
OS: Android 9.0 (Pie); One UI

I wone use Korg pa300 for use vid MobileSheetspro.  Confused Rolleyes Wink
Yes, MobileSheetsPro should work just fine on that tablet.
Thanks for that info. I buy MobileSheetspro then my tablet coming to my postoffice nezt week..
I have connected the program in tablet to the Korg pa300. But the description of how to set up mid / usb in the program and in pa300 is misleading because I do not have Preference when I press the Menu button! just four choices there, not five as described in this pdf file! therefore I also do not get "Style play preferences" as described in the pdf file.

But I am told that it is connected when I start the program.

What kind of point this software should have for me, using the Korg pa300, I have not yet understood, just empty pages here with me, no signs of anything pa300, aside from giving a brief message that it is connected to the keyboard when I start the program in the tablet. Also no description on how to use pa300 with this program!

Not found anywhere in the program where I can view / select and / or use the Korg pa300 songboock!

Has anyone at all used this program with the Korg pa300? and what do they use it for? Would be interesting to know.

And is it possible to get the money back for this program if I don't get used to it?

So far, the program is a big disappointment. I thought it could be used for something with the keyboard! Can't see what it would be today. Have spent half a day, is not much wiser! wasted money for my part.
Sorry to have to say that.

1. Is this program onely just for notes, or can I manually enter lyrics and use the program as a live songbook? Or did I just throw my money out the window?

2. Why should I connect the program via usb to korg pa300? Any points here? What should the program get from Korg300 or vice versa? for some reason it must be that you connect them via usb!

3. It should have been clearer that the program is especially for those who write music notes. Here, there are probably many who are misled, and think that it is meant style song book, when it probably meant sheet music!
For my part I do not know anything about music notes, I am self-taught and therefore not enslaved under a certain pattern. 

But I thought this program could be used for my Korg in such a way that i could switch melodies live with the tablet and read song lyriks. I was wrong. The reason is that the advertising around this program is very misleading. 

Hope someone out here has some more understandable explanation about this program! What it should be used for.
I have collapsed all your posts into one as you posted the same content spread across three different posts. Here is my response to the first part:

I'm a little confused when you say,"I do not have Preference when I press the Menu button". What menu button are you talking about? If you tap the three dots at the top right of the library screen, then "Settings", then "MIDI Settings", you can change the "MIDI Device" setting to "KORG". This opens up the use of the "Number" MIDI command.

The process for either loading songs when a MIDI message is received by the Korg PA300 or sending messages to the PA300 is as follows:

1) Import your files to create your songs
2) Long press a song on the library screen and tap "Edit Song" at the top of the screen
3) Go to the MIDI tab and tap the + button
4) Using the Number option, enter the KORG number associated with whatever you want to load on the keyboard.
5) Set both Send on Load and Load on Receive if you want that kind of bidirectional communication.

Now you can select the number on the KORG and it will load the song, or you can load the song and it will set the number on the KORG.

As for the second part:

1) The application has multiple different ways it can be used. You can import all of your PDFs, images or text/chord pro files to create songs out of them. If you want to enter lyrics and such yourself, tap the "New" button on the Songs tab, go to the files tab, tap the bottom icon on the right side and this will create a new chord pro file. You can then enter the values. I strongly suggest you read the manual.

2) As mentioned earlier, you can load songs in MobileSheets when commands are received or you can send commands when songs are loaded. This lets you keep the two synchronized so that the songs that are displayed match the registrations you've selected and vice versa.

3) This software is not for those who want to create sheet music. Nowhere in the application description does it mention being for notation. The title of the application on the Google Play Store states it is a viewer with extra features for musicians. I think you've misunderstood how to use the application.

It can be used for exactly that purpose. You just need to set up your library with your files and the MIDI commands.

Please also see my response to your other post: https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/forum...p?tid=5779

I'm guessing your approach to importing files is creating issues. 

What do you mean by song?

Midi File, Styles or something else?

"I'm a little confused when you say,"I do not have Preference when I press the Menu button"

See the picture:

[Image: Opera-Snapshot_2019-10-03_165216_www.korg_.com_-1.png]
When I refer to songs, I mean the songs in MobileSheetsPro. A song is a container for one or more files and has metadata such as Artists, Albums, Genres, Keys, etc. The song is what you load to view the files. I don't much about the KORG PA300, as I've never used one and don't own one. Hopefully either another user here can provide feedback or you can contact KORG themselves for help. It's possible there is a firmware update you might need to install. Have you checked for that yet? 

I do know there are a lot of KORG users, and KORG worked with me to develop and test the features, so it's just a matter of figuring out how to configure your particular model keyboard.

"Please also see my response to your other post: https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/forum...p?tid=5779"

Yes I looked through it, but found nothing to switch between different Styles in Styles songboock in pa300 with the tablet! And nothing about how to write new lyrics! Sheet music or sheet music is of no interest to me. Can't make a single note.
I think it might help to know exactly what it is you are wanting the software to do. As I've stated, the application lets you view files you've imported. You can also create text/chord pro files to store lyrics (as I explained). Do you mean something different when you say "write new lyrics"?  For example, if you follow the directions I provided, you can create a new text file, which then takes you to the text file editor, you can type in your lyrics, save it, then when you load that song it will display the lyrics you just entered.

I told you exactly how to switch styles in the PA300. You send a KORG Number command when you edit your songs. That number is received by the keyboard and it switches the style to whatever you assigned that number to. This is also clearly spelled out in KORGs own documentation. 


You mean midifiles, styles og gm?
You seem to be thinking of things solely in terms of your keyboard. I'm instructing you on how to set up your library in MobileSheetsPro. When I talk about files, I'm talking about PDFs, images or text chord pro files that you import into MobileSheetsPro for viewing purposes. I think you may not be understanding the relationship between MobileSheetsPro running on your tablet and your keyboard. The two just send simple MIDI commands to each other. That is the extent of the communication between them. That can be used to synchronize their settings. If you want something beyond that, it's probably not supported, and there won't be any apps out there that support it to my knowledge.


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