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How to get the money back for the MobileSheetsPro?
I obviously have to buy another program that can at least display lyric in a good way in my tablet. Because obviously MobileSheetsPro (Android) doesn't do this! just one sheet! There I obviously misunderstood something when I bought the program.

The question I am below is;
How do I get my money back for the purchase of MobileSheetsPro (Android)?
If you want your money back, please send an email to mike@zubersoft.com. It just sounds like you've misunderstood how to use the application though. Did you actually read through the manual yet? The manual can be found here: https://www.zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/M...etsPro.pdf

So without knowing your exact approach to importing your files, I'm going to guess the following is happening: you are either using one PDF per page, or you are using image files and only importing one image per song. One PDF per page is not a good way to go as it creates extra work for you in setting up your songs and is very inefficient. If you still want to use this approach, tap the "New" icon on the Songs tab of the library screen, go to the files tab, tap the folder icon and then tap each PDF you want to add. This will add multiple PDFs to one song and you can then page between them. If you are using image files, you have two choices: Either name each image the same thing except for the number at the end (i.e. MySong1.jpg, MySong2.jpg), or use the same approach described for adding multiple PDFs to add multiple images to your song. As you can see, multi-page PDFs makes it much easier to import files and have everything set up correctly. This also opens up the ability to use the "Page Order" feature which is very powerful.

I also answered your other questions here: https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/forum...p?tid=5762

No doubt I have misunderstood something about this program. Pdf? Read this carefully;

"I thought this program could be used for my Korg in such a way that i could switch melodies live with the tablet and read song lyriks. I was wrong. The reason is that the advertising around this program is very misleading. "
We seem to be talking past each other here. When you say, "Melodies", do you mean audio files, scores, or lyrics with chords? Or are you talking about something related to your keyboard? When you talk about song lyrics, wouldn't that just be lyrics in a file on the tablet? A PDF can have those lyrics in it, or you can use a simple text file. MobileSheetsPro just manages those files for you and displays them.
1. The program is too complicated for me.
2. Programs are deffentively not what I expected.
and 3. As I see it, it is only possible to send files via blutooth or over networks. None of them I have, only usb.

I think this is too complicated for me.
I was looking for one program that could control pa300 styles boock and easily enter lyrics that I will use live when I / we sing.
Can't see that this program does this easily. Too time consuming for my part.
Files are not sent from the keyboard to the app or vice versa. You import them from your PC, the cloud or the tablet storage. I do think the app could do exactly what you are asking for, and it's really not that time consuming or difficult, but I think at this point, we can just process the refund and you can try to find something else for your needs.

Thanks for that Mike.
Yes i most find some lyriks writer for teblett insted, there i can onely write lyriks and accord.

But thanks for all info anyway and god luck vid the program.
I bought the program back. I'll see if I can get the help files translated into Swedish.

I only have one question for you.
You talked about ID number of styles, that I had to get info about songbook id number. Which number are you referring to? Is that the number of style, or something else in the songbook?

My working vid your program:

[Image: mobilesheet1.gif]

[Image: mobilesheet2.jpg]

My blog: https://ketilsblog.se
For my own part, I have sitting and translated the manual of their program into Norwegian. Today I am going to put the various pictures in the manual in the right place, this work has begun. If you are interested in and get a copy of this work, free of charge, please tell me about this and I can send you my translation of your manual. Although the translation is not 100% but around 98%, it is still a great help to all Norwegian and Swedish users of their program. Maybe you want to rework this translation and publish it yourself!

The transelation it's getting ready later today i think.

Ketil Ervik.
I will certainly accept your gennerous offer to share the translation. As far as your question, according to https://www.korg.com/download/global/pas...ndroid.pdf it says, "Enter a Song ID Number matching the number of the corresponding song in the Pa-Series SongBook". They have a picture with the song name and the number field next to it. Do you not have that on your keyboard?

Looking back at the documentation, you had posted in the other thread about being unable to find Preferences->Style Setup. If you look above that section, it indicates it only applies to these models: "Pa3X, Pa2X, Pa800, Pa500, Pa588, Pa1X". So it doesn't apply to your PA300. The section right above that one lists these models: "Pa4X, Pa3XLe, Pa900, Pa600, Pa300, HAVIAN 30". So that's the only section that applies to your keyboard. The Song ID Number applies to all models of course.

Thanks for info. You mean Song ID Number is the style number in the songbook?
I'm talking about page 12 of the KORG guide I linked to where it displays a picture and states:

Enter a Song ID Number matching the number of the corresponding song in the Pa-Series SongBook.

So I can't really tell you more than that as I don't have a KORG keyboard. Perhaps another KORG user can chime in.

Thanks for answers. I will probably find out when I start reading the Norwegian translation. I will soon transelate that to.

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