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Save Library
Hi musical throng!

When it comes to MobileSheets, I'm a new boy on the block so please forgive me if my questions have already been discussed on the forum.

I have consulted the manual quite often as I wend my way through my first compilation but I'm unsure as to how the project is 'Saved' or 'Saved As'.  I am putting this compilation together for several band members and I would like to create a compilation (do I mean 'Library'?) which contains all of our songs put into Setlists, then 'Save' it as an initial template so the different band members can then do a 'Save As' and edit it up as they wish . . annotations etc... The terminology I'm using may be incorrect.

At the moment I'm doing this by doing a 'Back Up' of the library using [band name] as the name of the back up.  I then back up the library again changing the back up name to [band name - TONY] as the name .  Tony can then edit/add etc his own library.

Is this the proper way of doing what I'm trying to achieve or is there another, better, way of doing it? 

As part of this procedure I would like to be able to add new charts so that everybody gets them!

I apologise for the fact that maybe I'm not understanding the manual well . . . btw. it is an excellent manual!

Cheers . . .  Confused

I think you are mostly on the right track. You can set the library on your device, create the setlists, etc, then create a library backup and restore that on other tablets. This will work for the initial setup of the library. The problem is, if users like Tony want to have their own annotations or other changes, you can't use the library restore functionality after that point because it will replace absolutely everything. So what you'd want to do is utilize either the sharing functionality or the library sync functionality. I'll explain each approach, but the library sync may work best for your needs.

Using the sharing features:
To share new songs, you can long press those songs to select them, then tap Share->Export as .msf. The other users can then import this .msf to create those new songs. You can share Setlists by long pressing the setlists on the library screen, then tap Share->Export song list. If the .mss file that is generated by this is imported on the other tablets it will create the setlist on those tablets, but the songs must already be present in order for this to work correctly. So it's best to import .msf files first, then .mss files second.

Using library sync:
Tap the three dots at the top right corner of the library screen and then Sync Library->Sync to another device (or Sync to a cloud folder if you prefer). You can then uncheck the option to synchronize annotations so individual user annotations are maintained, but everything else will be synchronized. This will handle setlist updates, new songs, other metadata changes, etc.

Let me know if you have any questions about either approach.


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