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Printing "Recent" List
(10-31-2019, 02:18 AM)Skip Wrote: Long press one of the songs in the 'recent' folder>press the icon with the empty square [bottom right] to select all of the songs in the list [or select them individually]>select the overflow icon [3 vertical dots,top right]> select 'print'.

(10-31-2019, 02:20 AM)BRX Wrote: I don't think you can directly print it.

But you can select the recent songs you want to a temporary collection, setlist or whatever, select this collection/setlist and use the "generate songlist" from the overflow menu. This can be printed or saved. 
I think that's sufficient enough and the recent tab doesn't need a print or generate songlist for itself.

[Skip posted while I was writing. I don't think Scherzo meant printing the songs but a list. That's what I was going for]

An interesting option and ALMOST satisfactory for my needs, however I noticed an interesting quirk or bug when generating a Setlist or Collection from Recent.
If I generate a Collection, I lose the order of songs in the Recent list because Collections arranges the songs alphabetically while Recent puts the first song at the bottom and the rest of the songs in order as opened with the most recent being at the top. While generating a Collection is better than nothing or "Print Screen", I like knowing the order in which the songs were played.
If I generate a Setlist, at first glance the created Setlist seems to put the songs in reverse order from the Recent list which is MUCH better for my application however, if you 'long press" a song to get the selection boxes and use "Select All", the first song in the list is the song you long pressed with rest of the songs in reverse order from Recent.
In other words, if you want to create a Setlist with the first song played first and the last song last, you have to manually check the boxes one by one from the bottom up to get that order. Not necessarily the biggest deal, but not the behavior what I would have expected when "Selecting All". Manually selecting the songs in reverse order isn't the biggest problem but it is awkward.
FWIW - Now that I know about this option my hope would be to generate a Setlist from Recent for each set or session in the order played, hopefully immediately after the set or session then clear the Recent list.
In the case of a set, it will help me to remember what was covered so there is no repeating songs during subsequent sets. For sessions or shows, the same desire applies, especially when there are multiple shows on the same or successive days.

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