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Landscape display on Trekstore 13.3" tablet
I'm using MSP on a Trekstore Theatre K13 tablet. This tablet has a display size of 29,5 x 16,5cm. A landscape display of a DIN A4 page (as necessary for most organ scores) is centered on this display and lets a lot of black space left and right unused. It, however, would be more useful to adjust the page on the left border and display in the right (unused) space the next (about half) page. I searched all forum threads but did not find any hint. Is it possible to adjust pages in MSP in that way? And if not, could this be a feature for a next release?
Have you tried the "fit width" from the overlay menu?           
Yes, I have, but without success:

I would need something like a "one and a half page" mode instead of "one page" or "two page" or "half page"...
I think the main problem here is that if I support showing a part of a page horizontally, it only makes sense if I have a continuous horizontal scrolling mode. Some users have asked for this capability so that they can enlarge music a great deal and read one staff at a time (and I'll try to eventually support automatically breaking up PDFs for this).  So it's on my TODO list.

There is a semi-confusing/tedious way you can accomplish this with the app right now. You'd need to lock the rotation in portrait for the song, rotate all the pages 90 degress, switch the display mode to vertical scrolling, rotate the tablet to landscape orientation and then you could use the automatic scrolling or a pedal to continously scroll the pages. It will appear like the pages are scrolling horizontally even though they are scrolling vertically.

Sorry, I have a bit of a problem of understanding.

What's the use of displaying an additional half page in landscape? You're still missing an essential half of the page you can't really preview or play without turning the page or am I misunderstanding?

Showing half (or the next available part) of a page is useful in vertical mode with continuous scrolling (which I use all the time and sometimes pinch the view of the page smaller to have more of the next page visible). But I don't see an advantage in landscape/horziontal mode.
Surely you are right: having two full pages in view every time would be more useful, but my tablet is too small for that. It would be very helpful for me to have at least a glance on the next few bars during sliding to the next page.
Then I suggest you should indeed try the vertical view with continuous scrolling (and maybe cropping to get more of the pages in the display). This way you at least see the top lines of the next page in full lenght.

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