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Failed to successfully complete library merge
Hallo Mike,

What could cause a failure to successfully complete a library merge with dropbox?
I got this problem since yesterday, although I did not import any new files. I just edited the existing ones.

Should I delete the library on the cloud and start the synchronization from zero?


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Windows 10
Android OS SDK v24
Hello el-Odysseas,

Unfortunately, without knowing exactly which modifications you made to your songs and which song it is failing on, it will be very difficult for me to provide any information. If the merge just fails like that, it usually means it encountered an unrecoverable error, so it's exposing an error of some kind in MobileSheetsPro. It can't deal with something in your library now for some reason. It looks like the failure is during a merge of one particular song - can you tell me exactly what you modified in that song?

Thanks for the quick respond!

I did not edit anything special, except adding annotations with the text- and the stamp-tool to a 10 pieces.
The last time I encountered this problem, it was when I changed the page order of a song (https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/forum...rary+merge).

 I did this also now to a song, but after the synchronization problem I restored the page order without this solving the issue.

Although I was not sure, if this particular file is causing the problem, I deleted it from the library. I then deleted it also from the dropbox-file (which by the way it was not in an own folder, like all the other pieces). This didn't do it either.

I can make still a backup of the library and move the .msb file to an other device manually.

Would it make any sense to delete the cloud folder and try a "clean" synchronization for all the files?

Windows 10
Android OS SDK v24

It seems like the cloud-file got somehow corrupted.
I created a new folder in dropbox and could synchronize the library from scratch. 
I tested it with a new one-drive folder and it worked as well.

Thank you for your time and help.

Windows 10
Android OS SDK v24

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