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Setting up MSP on new W10 destop
Hi Mike,

I have surprising difficulties to set up MSP on my new W10 desktop with my old database and the old files. 

I don't want to make a backup with files because my db and files are > 50 GB already (and if you remember that's the reason while I continue to ask for a backup
option without source files). I sync my files over different devices (always to the same path) so I don't need and want to use MSP's internal backup.

 Here's what I did (worked the last time when I set up MSP on my W10 Surface):

- installation and start of MSP
- choose another file directory in the settings for the source files (in this case e:\sync\noten)
- close MSP and move my source files into the new file dir
- copy my lates mobilesheets.db from my surface to the localstate directory

Am I missing something? Shouldn't my db be usable with the new MSP if the paths to the dir with the files are identical?
(And there isn't a "manage your own files equivalent" on Win10, right? At least I can't find it in the settings.)

If I open MSP again the background stays dark, tries to load the db and says something (translated) like "database couldn't load all automatic backups. You have to restore the library manually".

After that the background still stays dark and displays no data. A bit later it displays the introduction screen of MSP.

What am I missing?
Everything you did is absolutely correct. If you completely closed MobileSheets, copied over the database file, then restarted the app and it gave you that error message, it means MobileSheets is unable to access the database file for some reason. This usually comes down to corruption of some kind. You can try copying the file again as perhaps something got messed up when the file was copied, or if there truly is corruption in the database, send it to mike@zubersoft.com, I'll try to repair the database using sqlite and I'll send it back to you. I can also use sqlite to run a "pragma integrity_check" on it to see if it detects any problems before doing anything else. If you are comfortably running sqlite, you can run that check on the file yourself as well. 

Mike, sadly my problem on my new desktop remains, even after updating to the newest version.

I've sent you an email with a link to my database. Maybe you can find something that explains why it can't be read from my new installation.

It's strange that this db works finds on my surface and when I copy it to my other W10 desktop pc.

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