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Deleting Songs and Setlists when using Syncronisation
I have several Android and Windows devices running MobileSheetsPro and use the Two-Way Sync to Cloud Folder to keep the libraries in sync, but deleting songs and setlists doesn't work intuitively. If I delete a song or setlist from a device when I sync it re-appears on the device. I tried a Device to Folder sync on the device where I had deleted the song but as soon as I did a Two-Way sync on another device the song was put back into the Cloud Folder and then back on the original device. I can see that it might work if I delete a song and run a Device to Folder sync then run a Folder to Device sync on all the others but that would be very time consuming and if I forget to change the sync setting back to Two-Way I could end up losing data. 

Other sync services I use issue a prompt when deleting an object asking if I want to delete from 'all devices' or just this one (and offer to remember this setting). Can this be done with MobileSheets?

This has been raised before and I don't think there is much that can be done about it. Have a look at this thread for a detailed description by Mike..



Thanks for linking the post Andy. Colin - the main problem is that there is no historical knowledge about deleted objects. So when a two-way sync is performed and one device has something the other doesn't, the app can't know which path to take - create that object so it exists on both, or delete it so it exists on neither. So it chooses the safe path. If you enable "Prompt user for decision", you can have complete control over the sync and choose how to handle each conflict. 

Other sync services most likely have historical information about deleted objects (and a file system is actually simpler because you can uniquely identify every file with a path). While I could add something like this to the database, it would certainly add another layer of complexity during the sync and would increase the size of the database over time for little gain (for most users).  There is also the problem that if multiple libraries are involved in the sync that didn't start out with identical databases, all of the songs can have different database ids, and identifying matching songs is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate in every case (there are some pretty complex cases I've encountered with many songs with matching titles and matching files). 

I'm open to suggestions and ideas to find a way to better deal with these problems. Without historical information about deletions, I'm just not sure if there is any kind satisfactory solution.


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