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Saving Filters After Closing & Relaunching MobileSheets
Is there a way to save filters that I set for the Songs List so they are re-set if I close and reopen MSP?

If not it would be a nice option.

My application is to have a permanent way (that is reversible) to exclude certain types of sheets from the Song List by using a filter like "Source:" without having to reset it each time I open MSP.

For example, I have scale & exercise sheets and fake book compilations that I'd rather not have to scroll through when looking through my song list. Filtering by excluding them from the Source option works great but I have to reset it if I close Mobile Sheets.

Yes, you can save them and have them automatically reloaded at startup. Just go to Settings->Library Settings and enable "Automatically Load Last Used Filters at Startup" at the bottom of the list.

Thanks, sorry I missed that!
Interestingly enough, I discovered a quirk or bug related to this issue that at first I thought I was imagining.
Even when "Automatically Load Last Used Filters at Startup" is enabled in MSP, if I connect my main PC to the Companion and do a back-up on to the PC, when I disconnect from the Companion, the filters clear on MSP.
At first I thought the issue was caused by just connecting and disconnecting from the Companion, but apparently just doing that doesn't clear the filters. It's when you do a back-up through the Companion to the linked machine that the filters clear.
Rather than create another thread related to filters, allow me to ask for something else to be considered that I discovered while experimenting with Filters:
Is it possible or feasible that instead of global filters, that there can be individual filters for all or certain Library Tabs?
The application is this: As I mentioned before, I use the Songs Tab as the place where I look for songs that haven't been assigned to a Collection or Setlist. I wanted to use a Filter so I didn't have to see things in the Song List that I'd rather not scroll through like exercises, music theory examples and fake books I loaded as multi-page files rather than extracting the individual songs.
I labeled the Source Field in each of those types of files accordingly and used the Source as my filter, excluding "Fake Books", Exercises, etc., which works fine in the Songs Tab and I assumed I would still, see those items in the Collections Tab but they are filtered out there too.
Is there a workaround I am missing?
I'm not quite sure this is exactly what you want but I use the Companion to identify songs that are not in collections

  1. Select The Songs Tab
  2. Click on "Collections" at the top of the Collections column; this sorts the items by collection
  3. Scroll down to the bottom to see songs not belonging to any collection
Sorting by the column header only works when Song are displayed - sadly it doesn't work when you select the other tabs ( I would have liked it in the sub displays on the other tabs)


[edit] Just notices this only works for Collections; there is no Setlists column and you can't add it. (still it probably doesn't matter if songs aren't in setlists - one creates the setlist when one requires them) [/edit]
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
The Companion doesn't solve my problem.

My application is: I am at a session using MSP which I have a Collection for and somebody calls a song that isn't in the Collection, but is in my Library.
I then go to the Songs tab and find it, usually scrolling alphabetically. (I find that quicker than typing in the name of the song).

My problem is, I'd rather not have stuff appear in the Songs Tab that I would never access in these situations or infrequently, like practice exercises, musical theory, scales and fake books, which I have in their own separate Collections so I can access them when I want.

The problem is when I filter them out of the Songs List, they are also are filtered out of Collections because the filters are global. That means I must have them cluttering up my Songs List if I want to be able to access them through Collections or any other tab.
You can save filters by tapping the save icon at the top right, and tap the folder icon to load a saved filter. It seems to me like it would be pretty quick to load your saved filter for the songs tab, but clear it for the collections tab (by tapping the X). This is a workaround until I can investigate having an option to save filters per tab.

I see what you are trying to do now.

You could perhaps set up a temporary " Playable" set list collection before you leave for a gig  (leading space puts at top of ascending list of names) e.g

  1. edit this set list and delete all entries (if not already empty)
  2. select the collection field in the filters
  3. select the collections you want to include
  4. press the double left arrow (just above the top right hand column)
Then in a gig switch to this " Playable" set list for random songs.
Rather than scrolling down through this list (assuming it is big), you might find it easier to long press the initial letter in the alphabetic index and then press the next letter in the displayed drop down list. You can long press the subsequent letters if you want but the first three letters will probably get you near enough to perform a finger scroll to the required song

If you have only a few collections that you want to exclude, you could also experiment with the Mode field setting during step 3 above.

Not ideal in that you might have a lot of collections to select each time (either to ignore or include) but you can at least do this before a gig rather than scrabbling during the performance.
Depending on how often you update songs, you might find it easier to do this immediately after importing/configuring a batch of songs  (then you know it is in place for all gigs before you next decide to import/update).

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
I appreciate the suggestion but with close to 800 sheets & counting and a large number of Collections, it would get a little awkward at times.

I'll try Mike's Saving filter suggestion for the time being and see how that works.

Thanks again!

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