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Too dumb to set up a Master/Slave system?
Hello @all,

seems I am a bit dumb in getting a working setup, so some (soft) kicks up the backside might be helpfull ...   Blush 

I got a 2nd Galaxy Note Pro (P-905) as Xmas present, to accompany my former P-900 so as to create a two-pager display. Both tablets have BT enabled and are coupled by the system functionality.

# I exported my complete library from the P-900 and loaded it in the P-905. If I open the P-905 unconnected, everything seems to work as expected. All songs are there, can be loaded, show my hand-written remarks on them, etc.  The songs reside in a non-MSP administered directory (same place on both tablets)

# As soon as I set up a Master (P-900) / Slave (P-905) connection, they seem to see each other as expected. But when I choose a song on the master the slave tells me that he cannot find the song requested by the master.

# If I try to open a song on the slave while in the connected state, it tries to load it, but only displays a black blank screen

# As soon as I disconnect the slave and use it only on its own, everything works again as anticipated.

Any hints what I do wrong with the setup, please?

Kind regards and merry Xmas,

Playing classical music on a wind controller hobby-wise - and tired of carrying around tons of paper sheets.  Wink
I would check again the path to the file.
Long press and edit song.
On the second tab (Files) long press on the name of the sheet/file which is in green.
Pop-up will display complete path to the song/file.

thanks for your suggestion, but the paths were correctly set. Otherwise I'd not expect the individual tablets to work correctly by themselves if not coupled.

But it seems that I found the problem: I set the M/S song addressing to work on the song ID, which I now discovered to be "0" for all songs in my library. I would have thought MSP to attribute the next free ID automatically to each imported song - which doesn't seem to be correct. Changing to "reference by title" solved the problem: Now songs are selected (and displayed!) on the slave as expected.

Playing classical music on a wind controller hobby-wise - and tired of carrying around tons of paper sheets.  Wink
Song ID is not automatically assigned so that you can easily associate songs on different tablets. If all IDs were automatically assigned but two tablets had different IDs for the same song, you'd then have to play games with switching the ID on one of the tablets and then finding the song that was using that existing ID and switching that one too. 


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