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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.8.2 Released
MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.8.2 have been released with important bug fixes. Unfortunately, MobileSheets v2.8.2 is still waiting for approval from Microsoft. The updated should be approved tomorrow. Users should NOT update to version 2.8.1 as there are some critical bugs in v2.8.0 and v2.8.1 when it comes to database access. These can cause the application not to load normally or for songs to fail to load. Users of the Microsoft Store version are advised to wait until Friday at the earliest to update the app (disable automatic updates through the Microsoft Store to prevent version 2.8.1 from being installed automatically). 

UPDATE: Version 2.8.2 is available in the Microsoft Store now.

The list of changes can be found below:

Common Changes
  • Fixed bug with text documents containing "Key:" no longer loading correctly
  • Fixed bug with chord pro and text documents defaulting to sharp chords instead of what is specified in the document
  • Fixed potential slowdown when loading PDFs with a large number of bookmarks
  • Fixed bug with the automatic cropping not correctly handling colors
  • Fixed bug with the "Speed" PDF renderer drawing blank white pages for some documents
  • Removed redundant dialogs that indicate success for actions after confirmations
  • Fixed bug that could cause a library sync to fail
  • Fixed bug with song titles formatted with difficulty showing a value that is off by 1
  • Fixed bug with the transposed key being set incorrectly for text and chord pro files when exporting and importing .msf files
  • Fixed bug that could cause library restores to fail when invalid audio file paths are encountered in a backup file
  • Fixed bug when using "Continue" after synchronizing to a device if the other device has already exited the sync screen.
  • Fixed bug with smart button audio start positions when synchronizing across devices
MobileSheetsPro v2.8.2 (Android)
  • Updated OneDrive integration to support latest libraries from Microsoft. Fixes issues with some accounts not working.
  • Adjusted behavior of highlights that are drawn behind content to provide better performance on devices below OS version 6.0
  • MIDI adjustments to help with MIDI processing on some devices
  • Fixed issue with freeform smoothing when switching between smooth settings
MobileSheetsPro E-Ink v2.8.2 (Android)
  • Fixed bug that would cause annotations to become distorted when "Draw highlights behind content" was enabled
  • Fixed issues with moving windows in the annotations editor when stylus mode is enabled
  • Fixed issue with automatic updating not working on the Boox Max 3. Future updates should install successfully.
MobileSheets v2.8.2 (Windows 10)
  • Fixed race condition that could cause the database not to load correctly
  • Fixed database error that could result in songs not loading correctly
  • Fixed memory leak that could significantly degrade application performance over time
  • Fixed issues with panning the metronome while the audio player is also playing
  • Fixed potential slowdown when loading PDFs with a large number of bookmarks
  • Added new button to the floating toolbar on the library screen to toggle fullscreen mode
  • Fixed bug with seven day old automatic database backup not being created
  • Fixed missing label in text editor dropdown insert menu
  • Fixed bug with chord insertion mode in the text editor
  • Fixed bug with connection settings not being saved properly when using the "Connect Tablets" feature
  • .mss files are now associated with MobileSheets and can be loaded from Windows Explorer
  • Fixed bug that could cause the action bar options to be different in the song editor during successive edits.
  • Fixed bug with panning audio where it would not correctly display and apply saved values under certain scenarios
  • Fixed bug with the "Use Mono" checkbox not correctly showing the initial state when panning audio
  • Typing text in the group editor will now automatically clear the filter textbox (if shown) and allow more characters to be typed
  • The application will now ask if you want to save if it is closed while editing annotations or groups
  • Fixed bugs with the bookmarks window when toggling the settings for which bookmarks are shown
  • Made small adjustments to try and speed up load times
MobileSheetsPro Companion v3.0.2
  • Fixed bug with text documents containing "Key:" no longer loading correctly

Users of Boox Max tablets should be aware that a firmware update was recently released by Onyx International that has significant changes in it that impact MobileSheetsPro. First, all apps are automatically "optimized". This means you need to tap the "navigation ball" (look for a new circle on the screen that can be dragged around), and then tap the settings icon that is shown. In the settings dialog, you will need to drop the application DPI to get the app to appear like it used to. You will also want to disable the options for enhancing contrast or you will see weird graphical impacts in MobileSheetsPro.

Thank you for the notes on using E-ink version on Onyx. It fixes the issues I had with annotations on Boox Max 3 when disable “app optimizing”.

I have MobileSheetsPro (E-ink version installed from apk) 2.7.8 and it ask to update to 2.8.2. It downloads the new version, but will not update - Nothing happens - and it is still ver. 2.7.8

If you download the e-ink version from the same link you originally received when you purchased, it will update the app to version 2.8.2. I've fixed the updating issue with 2.8.2, so you won't have to download the updates manually in the future. If you can't find the link, send an email to mike@zubersoft.com or PM me and I'll send it to you.


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