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Rename / delete of Setlist does not remove old name from cloud sync
Hi there!

I'm fairly new to MobileSheets, but enjoying it thoroughly since I acquired a tablet with a stylus. Yay!

I've run into an issue, though, related to renaming of Setlists. Perhaps also related specifically to synchronizing with cloud/OneDrive?

I renamed two Setlists I had created (and already Sync'd to OneDrive), and then after Sync'ing to OneDrive after renaming I found that both the old-name and new-name Setlists show up in my list.

Deleting the Setlist does not seem to synchronize to OneDrive, though. If I delete on my Windows app, it just shows up again after I Sync again.

Am I doing something wrong? Can I delete the old Setlists directly from the sync'd database file? Probably not something an average user should attempt Smile

Thanks much!
Please see these posts:


MobileSheetsPro does not store information about deleted objects in the library, so it doesn't know when something was deleted off the device versus added to the cloud folder. It's not actively synchronizing every time you make a change, so it can't constantly update status like OneDrive or Dropbox. If you select a "Two-way" synchronization, then things will always be added. If you change the sync type to "Update Folder" (to update the cloud folder by upload all the changes), or "Update Device)" (to update the device by downloading all of the changes off the cloud folder), then you won't run into this issue. The device will be made to match the cloud folder (which is its own MobileSheets library essentially) or vice versa, which means you can only be updating one side at a time. With a cloud folder, this means don't push changes to the cloud folders from one device, then push changes to the cloud folder from another device before first grabbing the latest changes off the cloud folder, otherwise you would overwrite the changes from the first device).

Thinking about this some more, I think a lot of users are going to run into this issue and not understand what's going on. So I think the long term plan will be to start tracking deletions of all objects (songs, setlists, collections, etc), and possibly track renaming as well. This will add some unnecessary data to the database for users that don't rely on the synchronization functionality, but it should be a small amount that is barely noticeable in terms of the file size. I may also decide to purge entries from the history after they grow old enough (older than a month or two). I don't want to take on this work until after the annotations rework and iOS version though, so it won't be implemented until later this year.

Ah, understood -- thanks! I swear I did search the forums before posting, btw Wink Just didn't search for the right terms, I guess!

Yeah, sync'ing from multiple places and including version history and deletes is definitely a pain in the butt. Your method makes sense to me! 

Perhaps you could add an optional flag to "delete from cloud folders" or "delete from all devices/folders" to the Delete button? And only show the option(s) if there actually are sync'd folders and/or devices?

Cheers, and thanks again for the great product!

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