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Tally counter and Timer/Stopwatch and post UWP questions
Hello JR,

I didn't really get any feature requests for a timer and stopwatch until much more recently, so that's why they haven't been implemented. They are on the list of things to do now, but it's not at the top of the priority list as that is driven by what I'm getting the most requests for and what benefits the most number of users. I'll certainly get around to adding those later this year. While they are not complicated things to add, they still take a lot of time as:

1) There need to be preferences for where they are located, how big they are, etc, and these need to be persisted
2) The location of these needs to not interfere with existing things that can be placed on top of the score such as the metronome visualization, the clock display, the next up song information, the capo indication and the audio playback time position (all of which can be enabled).
3) UI elements need to be added to drive all that, and all new UI things need to be translated into the 14 supported languages
4) The actual business logic needs to be written to drive the timer and stopwatch (by far the simplest thing to do)

So even something that seems trivial is going to take a fair amount of time to add when you account for all those things and coordinating with translators to get accurate translations. That's why I don't just tackle each feature request as they come in (which I've been bad about in the past) as it continually moves the goal post for larger features like the annotations redesign that I'm currently working on, which is the #1 thing I get requests for (almost daily). 

I also have plans to add tracking of when songs are loaded and a way to get a list of songs played in a given night, as this has been requested. So it's on the list of things to do as well.

Microsoft hasn't showed any signs of "moving on from UWP" that I can see. They are adding better support for other languages such as C++ and C# WinForms, they are open sourcing a lot of the C# .NET framework, but the core technologies driving UWP are things they still want to support. Some articles say that "UWP is dying", but that is incorrect. Please see this article: https://www.thurrott.com/dev/221688/micr...p-platform and https://www.windowscentral.com/microsoft...ad-evolved

They are just allowing developers to choose whichever language/frameworks they want to. MobileSheets was designed using UWP, so it would probably require a fair amount of work to switch to something else at this point. Having said that, I have considered experimenting with a WPF version in the future after Microsoft fleshes all this out as it would provide more options for MIDI support and access to a wider range of open source and commercial libraries.

You can already resize MobileSheets. Just hit F11 to go out of fullscreen mode, or drag down from the top of the screen to display the title bar and un-maximize it, or go to Settings->Display Settings and disable "Fullscreen mode". Once it's in windowed mode, you can resize and move it around all you want. I move it to a separate monitor while testing all the time.


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