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Spreading windows on Multiple Monitors

I have been using Windows 10 MSP for several years almost daily in my church for organ and piano. My setup is a Dell laptop connected to a dock that feeds 2 24" monitors one mounted behind the organ music rack plexi and one at our keyboard. The monitors are the same secondary display output from the laptop with the laptop screen as primary.

I am wondering if there is a way to move the setlist to a different monitor than the sheet music screen? What would be great is to have an editable setlist on the laptop screen, while the sheet music is displayed on the external, but simply a view of the current setlist that you can click to jump between songs would be just as helpful. During rehearsal jumping between songs out of order either requires advancing or backing through a pile of pages, or awkwardly bringing up the setlist popup using the trackpad that is off to the left disjointed from the monitor.

As a similar question is it possible to show the mini setlist but advance through the pages instead of advancing though songs in the setlist? My monitor is actually wide enough that the setlist doesn't cover most music when open but when you click the arrow keys it move through songs instead of pages.


Hello Erik,

MobileSheets was designed first as a tablet application because I tried to match the Android application when porting it over. That means there isn't any multi-window/multi-monitor support at the moment. I will look into adding this kind of support in the future after other higher priority feature requests are addressed.

Let me ask this - you mentioned using the arrow keys, but it sounds like you are pressing the up/down arrow keys, which will change songs. If you press the left/right arrow keys, it should advance through pages. You can assign actions to whatever keys you want under Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Pedal Actions, but by default, the arrow keys are mapped to turning pages. If the setlist window has focus and you press the up/down keys, it's going to consume those key press events. The left/right arrow keys should still work (at least they did when I just tested on my PC).

Hi Mike,

I completely understand the tablet app approach, and assume there are many more users on a single tablet setup than anything like my setups. Just hoped I was missing something.

I just checked and the Left/Right arrows do still turn pages when the setlist is open. I never tried that. I can just hit the up and down more easily without looking while playing. I might have to invest in making buttons for an air turn transmitter and attach them to the key check of one of the manuals.

One other question on page selection. Is there a programable MIDI command to go to a specific song and/or page in a setlist? I have looked through and only found next/previous page and songs but nothing to go to a specific point. For example, When I am playing key parts for musicals I use Ableton for patches for the show, and create a full scene list for patches in order. I also trigger page turns in MSP via MIDI through Ableton within the patches so as to only have to worry about 1 pedal for all changes. This works well as long as you go linearly though the show. Especially during rehearsals it would be better if I could program the page change in Ableton to go to a specific song and page. Jumping around means getting to the correct patch in Ableton, then getting MSP to the correct page to sync up. This can take anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds for me depending on how many pages and/or patch changes there are between where we are and where we need to jump to and directors don't seem to understand that jumping around with key patches isn't as simple as the find the measure and go for the winds and strings.

I just realized I never answered your question (although you probably realize the answer by now). No, there isn't a MIDI command to go to a specific song and/or page. About the closest thing you could do is set up a smart button to jump to a song, and trigger the smart button using MIDI commands through the MIDI actions in the settings.


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