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Flic button as page turner

I see what you are saying. In creating the list of supported actions through the registration with the Flic app, that eliminates the need to have that list in MobileSheetsPro itself. I wonder how Flic handles translations into other languages? I'll have to dig into that a little. If there are no UI changes required in MobileSheetsPro, then I can certainly slip this into the next update. Would you like to help me test a build with Flic support? I don't currently have a button to test with, so this would let us quickly see if it works. 


I'm trying to apply for a partnership with Flic, but their partnership application page just returns an error after submitting. I've contacted them about this, so I hope it can be resolved quickly.

exactly, you don't need the action list in MSP! Of course I will help you with testing Smile, if there is anything I can do (besides from programming) just let me know. 

Thanks a lot,
Flic got back to me, indicated that I should just write all the code myself to interface with the buttons and not rely on the Flic app. Even if I do rely on the Flic app, I still have to write the code to list what actions are supported by the Flic button for single press, double press, etc. That code is not something that is part of the Flic app itself. The Flic app returns to your app in order for the user to choose an action (according to their documentation and the person that responded). So there is no easy implementation for this unfortunately.

The Flic support person did indicate that the Flic 2 firmware is being updated in the Spring to support MIDI messages. MobileSheetsPro supports triggering actions through MIDI messages, so that may be an option that doesn't require any additional changes. I imagine it will be MIDI over bluetooth though, so we will have to see how well it works on Android.


One more piece of information - Flic partnered with forScore a long time ago and added native support for them in the Flic app. They aren't doing this anymore, so my only option is to use the SDK.

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