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Boost mp3 audio player volume
Is there any way to increase the output level from the built-in audio player?

When I play an mp3 file using the built-in audio player (full volume slider hard right, SurfaceBook audio full up) I get about 2/3 the volume level as compared to when playing the file using the Win 10 audio player.

I really prefer using the built-in but just need more volume in certain situations.
John L
Hello John,

There are no options for increasing the gain of the audio player at the moment - just the simple volume control. I'm not sure why you are hearing things louder outside MobileSheets though - do you have settings in Windows for boosting the audio output? Which version of MobileSheets are you currently running?

If you go to the audio player, tap the settings icon, then uncheck "Use advanced audio player", it will use the default Microsoft player which uses the Windows settings, so that should play louder. You'll just lose access to the higher performance audio library and some of the features (pitch and tempo adjustments).

Hey Mike-
When I disable the advanced player, and use Windows exclusively, it does bring the volume level up what I hear outside of MS.

I guess that's good to know in those cases where I need to max the volume for some users joining me.

I couldn't find any particular settings in Windows/Sound or the Realtek DSP used in this SurfaceBook.  Everything's set at Max.

And thanks for the quick response.
John L.
I run the audio through an external speaker with vol control and can jack it way up. I need the extra sound to hear over my violin as the instrument is right in my ear, un like guitar, mandolin, etc. Gail

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