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Forum tweak
This is a request for a tweak to the forum, which may not be possible, but here goes.

Some other forums that I use have a feature which I find useful. When you visit a thread it automatically jumps you to the message posted since you last looked at that thread. For longer threads this makes it much easier to find what is new.

I realise Mike didn't write the forum software, so he's at the mercy of those that did, but if it is possible, can I request a similar feature for this forum.


If you can find a MyBB plugin that does what you are describing, I can certainly add it to the forum. I did some simple searches and haven't found anything that quite matches what you are describing. I don't have the bandwidth to implement my own forum plugin for something like that (and I have no experience with making mybb plugins so it would be a learning process). What software was used on the other forum you visited? Was it a custom forum or built using a third-party framework? If it's a third-party framework, you should have seen something at the bottom of the page indicating that. If you look at the bottom of my forums, you can see the "Powered By MyBB" indication.

It looks like a green arrow currently shows up to the left of a thread if there are unread posts and it takes you directly to the unread posts if you click on it.

Click on your Forum Name at the top (right'ish) of the page and select "New Posts"
Then click on the little green arrows that Mike mentioned

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One of the forums that does this is the PG Music forum for Band in a Box. It looks like they use UBB.

I hadn't noticed the green arrow. That will probably suffice, if I remember to use it Smile , but if there is an option to make the title do the same I would prefer that.



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