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Audio Player should not display in Songs with no audio file (bug or feature request?)
This seems like a bug to me, but perhaps it just needs to be mentioned (as a feature request), or perhaps I'm doing something wrong.

It's a nice idea that MobileSheets keeps the udio Player available in a transparent form. So I checked this box. After 5 sec. the Audio Player fades to 25% transparency. and doesn't get in the way too much.

But now, in _every song_ that I open, the Audio Player is present. Why? Shouldn't it only appear when a song actually as an audio file? I spend all my time now closing it, which kinda defeats the purpose of keeping it accessible (when an audio file is present).


Kevin Pfeiffer
I'll look into this. It definitely sounds like unintended behavior.

And what I forgot to mention -- the Audio Player itself is simply great to have -- and to have each audio track, etc. "paperclipped" to its associated song. Greatly simplifies file management.

The tempo-adjustment feature is also really useful for practice, etc.. Can't be more pleased.
I was disappointed to see that this was not in the Android release today. 

Perhaps someone can tell me where to "turn off" the player automatically appearing, because this is driving me crazy (that they player appears in _every_ song, even when there is no audio file).

The original behavior was that the player did not appear, but had to be called up. Can anyone tell me how to go back to this behavior (until this bug is fixed)?

It doesn't appear automatically on my Samsung tablet, have to select it with a touch action. I think you can turn it  off in settings > other  settings > disable audio player. You might check out the settings in the upper right of the audio player popup for a complete fadeout also.
Dell Latitude 13.5" 2-in-1 Ubuntu/Win 11
Samsung Note Pro SM-P900 12.2 Android 5.0.2
Samsung S7+, Android 12
I did drop the ball on getting a fix for this in the update - sorry about that. For now, I would recommend not using the transparency feature with the audio player. In the settings, just check the box for it to fade out completely. Then you'll have to bring it up manually using the quick action box or the overlay.

Mostly I just start and stop the audio anyway. So I simply use the available touch action for start and stop, almost never use the audio gui and it don't get it in the way of the score. Just food for thought.
(05-12-2020, 04:00 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: just check the box for it to fade out completely. Then you'll have to bring it up manually using the quick action box or the overlay.

Thanks, Mike. Perhaps I am misunderstanding how this works, but I see two drawbacks here:

1) To call the player I have to switch to overlay mode, which reduces image size. The alternative, which I just set up, is short-cut screen touch to call up the player. This is a good work-around for me, but...

2) I must then remember which of my 200+ songs have an associated audio file -- not so easy for this merely human brain to do.

In pseudocode, what about something like this...
IF (SongHasAudioFile = true)
    DisplayPlayer == true
    DisplayPlayer == false

So that when the Player is set to be displayed, you first check to see if the loaded Song actually has an audio file that could be played?

Many thanks,

Kevin Pfeiffer
In the latest version (the beta that is being tested), this doesn't appear to be a problem anymore. If I load a song that doesn't have audio, the player isn't shown at all (even when it is set up to fade after 5 seconds with transparency). So you can go back to using the transparency like you were before without this issue once the next update is released. It's possible this bug fix is in 2.9.6 as well - I would have to dig through the code commit history to verify.
Dear Mike and Co,

Just a quick note to day that I withdraw my comments in the prev. post. The two-finger shortcut I set works beautifully for opening and closing the player whenever I need it, and the LIST view of the music (Recent, Sets, etc.) indicates very clearly which works have an associated recording file. 

So, please disregard prev. comments and feel free to close this discussion/request (from my point of view).

Best wishes!

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