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deleting unused field values
(04-05-2020, 09:45 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: You can delete the unused entries from the tabs those entries belong to. So if you have composers you don't need, go to the composers tab, filter on unassigned, and you can delete them all in one go. I'm assuming you probably realized this based on your question in the other thread you created.

The fields in the song editor already support auto-completion. If the user ignores the auto-completion and picks a new value, it's on them to realize what they've done. I'm not going to guess at what users might be thinking, as this could get really annoying for users that are intentionally creating values that happen to be close to existing values. You can edit existing entries though, so I'm not sure I understand your point about editing fields directly. Just go to the tab containing the entry and you can rename it.

It doesn't seem too cumbersome to me to go to the tab containing the entry type, long press or right-click the entry and tap "Rename" to change the name. If users disagree, I'm always open to suggestions for improvements. If users want to be able to rename through the fields tab of the song editor, I can look into supporting that, as it would just be added alongside the remove/delete options that existin when an entry is long pressed or right-clicked.

My bug tracker does have an entry in it for adding utilities to clean up the database/library, such as removing groups that have no songs in them. I'll add this when I have more time.


Thanks, Mike. I think I was missing the "rename" dialog for one entry in a particular tab. I guess I was thinking the situation where you're already in the field editing for a song and you encounter a lengthy value that you realize should be slightly edited. It would be nice not to have to back out to a different Tab in the Library, find that to-be-edited value, right-click, rename, and finally be able to correct the typo.

What I'm suggesting (I realize now) is that when I'm in the Fields dialogue for a particular song and I see the typo in, e.g., Composers, I'd like to be able right then and there to right-click on the value containing the typo, bring up the Rename dialog (saving me the trouble of re-typing the entire corrected value from scratch as a new value and then deleting the old), make the correction, and then be prompted for whether I'd like my correction to apply to all instances of that pre-corrected value remaining.

Going one step farther, for those who use a separate Custom Groups for lyricists, one correction (re-naming) of a name in the Composers field of one song would ideally be able to be substituted for the pre-corrected name anywhere it appears in the database (i.e. whether in Composers or in Custom Groups or wherever).

If you take my example of noticing a typo in a field value in one song while you happen to be in the song edit screen and think through the workflow that you'd really want to have for correcting it on the fly (so you can quickly get back to what you were doing), I think you'll see my point. It's not that the app isn't ABLE to make all necessary corrections, it's that it's not able to do it quickly at the point the need becomes apparent.

FWIW, I've seen this functionality in a database for genealogy, where one notices a particular event has a place listed as Wymoing. A simple typo correction there leads to a prompt "Would you like to replace all instances of "Wymoing" with "Wyoming?" Very handy and tightens up the database as well. Indeed, in that very same database program, I COULD stop what I'm doing and open up the Places list, find "Wymoing" and correct it (leading to the same prompt), and then find my way back to what I was doing when I noticed the problem. But why need to bother?

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