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deleting unused field values
(04-07-2020, 03:29 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: I can write up a feature request to add renaming to the right-click menu as I mentioned. I'm not sure about renaming one field and having it propogate to matching values in other fields. In theory, this can be done, but it means that when renaming one group, I have to query 10+ database tables to see if there is a matching name in any of those tables for the original group name. In smaller databases, that's not going to take very long as I have a full text index on the names in the database. For users with 10000+ songs with tons of names in every group, that might create a longer delay. I would have to do this processing in a background thread and have a progress dialog shown (which is tedious on Android, but not so bad on Windows). If I did implement this capability, I would prefer to have the app check the renamed group to see if any other groups have a matching value, and if so, then ask the user if they want to rename those groups as well. The alternative would be to have a checkbox on the rename dialog that says something like, "Rename matching groups in all fields". This would be simpler to implement as I wouldn't have to add the extra checks and prompt. I welcome thoughts on this.

All those ideas sound good to me. I think a user would tolerate it taking some time if they chose to have it done; imagine how long it would take the user to accomplish the same thing manually! Is there a reason you must refer to a field value as a "matching groups?" Even having used the app for a while, I'd have no idea what that meant. It's not a "group!" It's ONE value (e.g., "Joe Blow")--I'd never dream that renaming "Joe Blow" to "Jo Blow" would constitute "renaming matching groups." There's nothing plural about it. I find this kind of terminology lengthens the learning curve on MSP generally--along with the absence of tool tips that Windows users are addicted to in software they're trying to learn.

Maybe it's a generational thing, but I'm very reluctant to click on a icon with no clue as to what it does (or to drop everything and read a manual, which I did ONCE from beginning to end before buying the app). One perfect example (which may well be part of some standard in Android apps or the like that I'd have no idea about) is the 2 icons at bottom right of the library screen sometimes, one of which (a box with a check IN it) means (I think--too scared to try it) UNcheck everything, while the box with NOTHING in it means CHECK ALL BOXES. This is exactly the opposite of what this one user would have expected those buttons to do. Just one man's opinion, who wants this product supported and improved forever--I hope you're way younger than I, Mike!

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