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How to add bookmarks to a setlist?
(04-10-2020, 07:29 AM)Beemer Wrote:
(04-10-2020, 05:37 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: The problem is that a bookmark doesn't currently define a range of pages - it only specifies a single page. So converting to a snippet would either mean using a single page for every bookmark, or defining the range of pages to be the number of pages between each bookmark present in the file (which seems like it would be incorrect most of the time).

I have considered making design changes to allow bookmarks to be used in setlists, but it would mean you always have to define a range of pages for the bookmark (essentially making the bookmark into a snippet), and I would have to update the group editor to allow either songs or bookmarks to be included (which is not a trivial thing). I also would need to update all of the setlist code (and every piece of code that uses setlists) to correctly handle an entry being a bookmark or a song (and a bookmark is linking to a song, so any action on the bookmark would be an action on the song). Once I have bandwidth, I will explore this more, but for now, creating snippets is the best way to go.

If you have a PDF which has PDF bookmarks in it already, you can use Import->CSV or PDF Bookmarks, pick the PDF and you will get a list of songs using the range of pages between each bookmark.


I see that another here feels I am must the only one to request such a feature but t
hanks for taking the time to explain the issue rather than a brush off.  Much of my sheet music, and that of others that posted, is within PDF books and I add single sheet songs to make a playlist.   I now realise that I will need to take time to extract the songs from the books and then add them to the library for adding to a MS setlist.  Of course I could do all that and combine them into a playlist PDF without using Mobilesheets   Big Grin ,
thanks again,
Hello Mike

Hope you had happy Easter and COVID-19 is not harming you too much!
Thank you for your guidance in this forum! - I'm very happy with your app MobileSheets Pro on my two google slate 12.3".
Newertheless I see a bit a point that could extend possibilities by large when it comes to operate with a setlist consisting of plenty of big pdf-files for one song containing different parts as for example we have this for our bigband. I imported 1427 pdf files in a library and draw some setlists out of it. - So, how to jump from my bari part in song A to my bari part in song B?
So far I see two solutions:
1) Bring all the big files together in a setlist and mark my part with a bookmark, address all songs over the bookmarks list in the respective file. - Quite some handwork during a gig...
2) Create for each song an excerpt using the snippet tool for my part and creat the setlist consisting of these excerpts. - Works, but double number of files, quite some work before the final setlist is available, but ok. (I know I can produce thes excerpts also during the import using CSV-table, but this asks also quite some work to address all the correct page numbers ...)

The question for me remains: Is there no way to use the pdf-bookmarks often exist from each pdf file over the whole setlist in an analogous way as link points? This would be very easy: I could jump from one song to the next just to the marked/or identified bookmark of the next song...?

Thank you for your consideration and feedback! - Kind regards, Alexander

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