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Annotations requests
Hi Mike,

I've seen various threads where you've mentioned you're redesigning the way annotations work, so apologies in advance if you've got some or all of this already covered, but if not these might be useful features to implement:

- automatic pen detection: would it be possible for MobileSheets to detect when you're touching the screen with a pen and automatically open the annotations editor on the relevant page that was touched
- pen colour: I'd like to be able to write something with the "pen" tool and then switch colour to write some more without affecting what's already written (when I'm annotating a score, I occasionally want to scrub out something in the original, setting the pen to white, and then changing the colour to write something in the area I've just whited out; currently I have to switch tool first or everything I've already done changes colour too)
- stamps: I don't use these very often, but I'm occasionally quite glad they're there, and I might use them more if these tweaks were implemented; if we can see the stamp, we probably don't need its name next to it, would it make sense to display them in a grid rather than a list with names next to them, in which case we can see more at a time and find the relevant one quicker? Also, I've missed a C-clef (alto/tenor/soprano-clef) stamp several times already, that would be a very useful addition :-)
- panning: would it be possible to enable panning with two fingers when another tool is selected? I sometimes remember the two finger tap shortcut, but it seems counterintuitive (to me at least)

Thanks for all your hard work!

1) Yes, I'm adding the automatic pen detection. There is no longer a separate editor though - it just switches into annotation mode. I'm also adding an option to automatically exit the annotation mode if no stylus input is detected for a configurable amount of time (so you can pick up the stylus, write, put it down and it will switch back to viewing the song).

2) That's how the new design works - editing existing annotations requires more steps, but creating new ones with different settings is much faster.

3) Already changed all this - it displays a grid of stamps and you can rearrange the list. You can also add your own custom stamps (bitmaps or svg). You can also create a favorites list of the stamps you use the most.

4) I'll have to see about the panning. The problem is that it's somewhat difficult to distinguish two finger panning from two finger zooming and Google's GestureDetector doesn't really help you out with that. So I'd need to write my own gesture detector (or find an open source library with a better one).


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