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Feature request: screen rotation in desktop (dex) mode
I'm not really sure I know exactly what it would take to make this work. I will have to experiment to see if I can rotate the root view of the entire view hierarchy by 90 degrees and then force it to match the rotated size of the display (so that if it's 480x320 in landscape, it is forced to 320x480 instead). It will probably take some work to set this up properly, and I have no idea if the app will function normally if I do this. For example, if I'm forcing every component to be rotated 90 degrees, will all of the touch events still fire properly? This is up to the Android framework, so hopefully Google supports this.


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RE: Feature request: screen rotation in desktop (dex) mode - by Zubersoft - 05-08-2020, 04:42 PM

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