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MSP for string quartet/small ensembles
I've read through the manual and had a play around with the freeware - this app looks incredible. Props to Mike.

I've ordered an Onyx Boox Max 3 and will put the eInk version of MSP on that when it arrives. Planning to try it out with some piano music to start with and if it's not too glitchy then the main goal would be to set it up for use playing in string quartets at weddings and then move all our repertoire from paper to tablets. It sounds like the master/slave set up will be ideal for that - I could create a set list for each wedding beforehand and then share it to the other players. I imagine the versioning update Mike has mentioned could work well for situations like this - a group all playing the same piece but playing different parts and sharing set lists. Until that is up and running I just wanted to see if anyone else is using it this way and could give me some pointers.

1. Is there any advice for setting up the library and sharing songs and set lists between tablets that will be playing different parts for the same piece? I was thinking about having each part for each piece as a separate song with the same title but the instrument in the custom field
2. Is it better to use wifi or bluetooth for connecting the tablets?
3. Is it possible to connect a bluetooth pedal while also connecting to other tablets using bluetooth/wifi?
4. Is there a benefit to having the piano parts in a separate library to the quartet parts or should I just have them as different collections?
5. I was thinking that eInk might work best for wedding gigging - low power usage, easy reading outdoors etc. Happy to hear what others think.

Many thanks to anyone who can help, and to Mike. I've been hoping for an app like this for a while now

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MSP for string quartet/small ensembles - by Oz Cello - 05-26-2020, 01:37 AM

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