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MSP for string quartet/small ensembles
Hey Mike, that's all very helpful, thanks. I hadn't really grasped how the Connect Tablets settings worked so I went back and had a look at the manual again and I think I've got it now. They've only just sent the Max 3 from China so I'm probably getting ahead of myself - I'll give it all a proper try when the tablet arrives. Really looking forward to getting the Max 3 with MSP. The combo of the eInk, the size, the processing power, the OS and your app is something I've been waiting for for years. I'll post a report once I've had a proper go on it. The versioning update you've got planned sounds like it will be really useful and I think would be a real selling point for the many musos who work in combos/ensembles etc, although the iOS update is probably just as important. I'll leave you to it but many thanks.
Cheers, Guy

Quick question - it looks like the filters that are shown on the library screen are fixed. There's no way to configure those, right?

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