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MSP for string quartet/small ensembles
(05-29-2020, 06:33 AM)Petra-Kathi Wrote: Just a small remark on (low power) BT pedals, especially if you have lots of pieces that fit on two pages and thus do not need pedal interaction for a while: At least my BT pedal goes into sleep mode if not used for a longer time, presumably for power saving reasons. So it may happen that the first page turn step on the pedal will not perform, but just wake it up, and only the 2nd step will actually turn the pages as wanted.

This may be confusing it not anticipated, and it impedes going into a subconscious page turn automatism.


From my experience I can confirm I have no problem maintaining Bluetooth connection between AirTurn BT-105 page turner and Google's Pixel Slate whatsoever.
I've done many 4 hour gigs with similar scenario where 1 page pieces do not need pedal interaction and occasionally turning multiple page pieces.
In between the hours we would have 5-10min breaks and I would leave AirTurn-tablests Bluetooth connection untouched and I would only put 4 Slate tablets into the sleep mode.
When I wake tablets up with my fingerprint they are all ready to go in Master/Slave mode including page turning with multiple page pieces.

Perhaps people should start mentioning their specific devices (in case of problems) for other people to avoid them.
What pedal, device (tablet/notebook), operating system (ans its version) or firmware is used.
Your poor experience might not correlate with experience of other MSPro users.
It sounds as that everybody should apply your "waking up" advice as a general rule.

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