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MSP for string quartet/small ensembles
(05-31-2020, 06:00 PM)Petra-Kathi Wrote:
(05-30-2020, 08:27 PM)otnt Wrote: Perhaps people should start mentioning their specific devices (in case of problems) for other people to avoid them.
What pedal, device (tablet/notebook), operating system (ans its version) or firmware is used.
Your poor experience might not correlate with experience of other MSPro users.
It sounds as that everybody should apply your "waking up" advice as a general rule.

My posting on that issue was a general one and not addressing a certain brand/combination, rather an expected power saving feature of a BT device. But I agree that a relatable definition of the used system can certainly help.

# Dual foot pedal Donner DMB-1, coupled by BT to master tablet

Pedal is going to sleep after some time it wasn't used, and then exhibits the behaviour as described in my former posting.


DONNER is prime example of unauthorised industrial design copying in Gina. Selling "cheaper" but not as quite same as AirTurn. Donner has no support at all for surprised owners like you.
Donner's has short automatic sleep mode baked into the firmware that cannot be turned off. That means when you need to make a fast page turn nothing happens.

With AirTurn you can change time out period or turn it off completely with AirTurn Manager software.

You are still presenting Donner's power saving feature as some expected general rule but it is just bad firmware design not suitable for music. Avoid Donner if you are serious about performing.
Similar to buying "cheap" tablets from Gina and then people are surprised battery died after a year.

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