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MSP for string quartet/small ensembles
Hi Petra and otnt,
Thanks for the heads up on the cheaper page turners. I did a bit of reading on the Donner and it looks like it's supposed to sleep after 25 minutes but some units sleep much more quickly. I guess when I do buy a proper pedal turner I should make sure I can return it if necessary. That was one reason I decided to buy the Max 3 direct from Onyx in China - it was available from resellers here in Australia and overseas (including the Padmu from Italy which is a rebranded Boox with dual boot in case you want to use the Padmu OS) but I figured that buying it direct should make it easier to sort out any problems. The local resellers looked a bit iffy and didn't seem to have local stock. Luckily there are some shops here that carry the page turners and tablet stands. Shame the Max 3 isn't available here in shops yet. Speaking of which, I had a look for the Slate and it looks like the google store never made them available in Australia and shops don't carry them so I wouldn't be able to try one out and if I bought one from overseas then warranty could be a problem. I'll keep an eye out for non-eInk tablets though. Still keen to see how they compare outdoors.
Cheers, Guy

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