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MSP for string quartet/small ensembles
The versioning changes are definitely going to happen. It's not a matter of "if", just "when", and it's all about how fast I can get the major changes done this year. How are you sharing the setlist? Through a .msf file or a .mss file? Either way, it matches on title and file, but will use song ID instead if you've entered values into that field. It uses the non-formatted title of the song (what is shown in the song editor).

mss matches on song title and file. It also uses song ID for matching if that field has been filled, but other fields are ignored.

I'll take a look at the tablet name reverting. That definitely should not be happening. The name is saved in the configuration files so it should be used for WiFi connections even after restarting the app. 

As far as bluetooth, I have no control over the naming. The master broadcasts itself as a bluetooth device that can be paired with and the name is assigned automatically. The connected clients should show up under the assigned name though, as I send that over bluetooth once the connection is established. I'll have to double-check that though.

Bug fixes are coming for restoring backups to libraries other than the default. That isn't currently working correctly the way it should.


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