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MSP for string quartet/small ensembles
I'm having an issue with the sync to cloud feature. I do a back-up first and that works fine and is very quick. Then I sync the files to the cloud and that takes a lot longer but also works fine the first time around. When I re-sync there are a number of files from previous syncs where it asks me to select the song to use. My files all have multiple songs associated with the same file and the songs associated with a particular file have the same title. For most files that doesn't cause any problems with the sync but for some of them the sync feature can't work out which file is the right one so it tells me that multiple songs have been found with matching titles and files and asks me to choose which is which. The options that it gives me don't have any other group attributes listed (e.g. which instrument is which song) so I just choose them from the top and that seems to work fine but it will ask me to choose for these songs every time I sync which slows down the sync process a lot. Is there anything I can do which will stop this from happening?

I also had a question about the advanced formatting. I have three genres - classical, nonclassical, and hymns. Is there a way I can have the formatted title show as composer/title when the genre is classical (Bach Air, Handel Air), title/composer when the genre is nonclassical (I'm Gonna Be The Proclaimers, I'm Gonna Be Sleeping at Last), and just title when the genre is hymn? I figured that if I ditched the hymn genre and just had classical pieces tagged with the genre and nonclassical ones untagged then I could at least get the order I want for those two but wanted to see if there was a way of doing it without ditching the tags.

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