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MSP for string quartet/small ensembles
Hi Mike. I left a couple of the tablets off for a while and when I turned them back on there was the message about the the second licence check. I connected them both to the wi-fi and re-started the app and the message went away but there was a bit of a glitch. Both of them were in a non-default library when I had switched them off before the second licence check. When I turned them back on they were still in the non-default library but when I went to settings to change libraries only the default library was listed even though all the pieces in the non-default library were showing up. When I changed to the default library it was empty and then there was no way of getting back to the non-default library because the page for changing libraries was still only listing the default library. I didn't think to check whether the files were still in storage on the tablet before I restored them from the backup but it was all fine because I had backups of the default library and the other library. Just thought I'd mention it in case it wasn't intentional behaviour.

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RE: MSP for string quartet/small ensembles - by Oz Cello - 08-03-2020, 04:41 PM

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