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Annotation groups
First of, I absolutely adore MobileSheets. Without a doubt it is my favorite app!

In my church I play multiple instruments in multiple bands so I was looking into how I can organize annotations on my sheet music to have different annotations for each band/instrument. In the fantastic PDF manual I found out about annotation groups which is exactly what I need. But my use case is slightly different from how the function currently works.

For my use case it would be useful to have the annotation group be present on all pages. Currently if I make two groups on page one, I would need to make those same groups in the same order on page two to make sure that they don't get mixed up. For my use case an annotation group should be tied to all pages instead of to a single page, and it would be perfect if I could bind an annotation group of a song to a setlist so that when I arrive at the song I don't need to scroll to a different annotation group. To me this does sound like quite an architectural change that might break the current implementation, but I am interested to hear your thoughts!

Also it would be helpful if, when switching between the Annotations Editor and the Song Display, the currently selected annotation group would be synced. Currently when I switch to group 2 in the Song Display and then go into the Annotations Editor the group resets to 1. And when 2 is selected in the Annotations Editor and I click "Save" to go to the song display the group again resets to 1. It would make my annotation workflow better if the group stays synced when switching between these views.

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