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Reading msb pages in bright sunlight
It only backs up the currently library you have active. Otherwise it would be impossible to restore just a single library from a backup (unless I completely restructured backup files and segmented them by library and made the user pick which libraries to restore out of the backup file). In the future I may add support for backing up multiple libraries at once and adding options to pick which libraries to restore from a backup, but for now, you'll have to create one backup per library.

Mike, thanks for that. There were a couple of questions in my post immediately before that one too. Please do let me know if you get a chance to have a look at that .Guy
I'll investigate the issues with having the scroll speed set to "immediate". That speed only makes sense if you set the scroll behavior to "Scroll and Pause", as it will immediately scroll a portion of the screen, and then pause (although it doesn't appear to be working with that combination so there is obviously a bug). I think if you select immediate as the speed and "scroll continuously until end of song", the automatic scrolling is just going to bail out and do nothing, as otherwise it would immediately jump to the end of the song which wouldn't be very useful. So it would help to know which scroll settings you have selected. 

I'll also look into the library switching feature bug in the e-ink version. That should hopefully be easy to fix. For the e-ink version, I can't rely on colors, so for showing selection state I have to do other things like bold words or put borders around things. I'll have to do something like that for the list control.

I'd like to get away from throwing everything into the display settings, as that list is already quite long as it is. In fact, I'd prefer to move some of the stuff out of there in the future to reduce the number of settings. If there is a more intuitive place in the song overlay that you would like to find the clock settings, let me know. I figured it made sense in that display options menu in the song overlay, but I'm open to moving it if there is something else that makes more sense.

I started with the default scroll settings, with the scroll behaviour on 'scroll and pause'. The first thing I changed was the scroll speed to 'immediate' which is when I noticed it wasn't auto-scrolling. I then changed the pause duration to 1 second. Later I changed the time before scrolling to 0 seconds. I also tried it with 'scroll and pause after page turn'. As long as vertical scrolling was on and the speed was set to immediate it seemed to freeze the page under any of these settings.

You're right about the display settings list being too long and the overlay display options being the obvious place for the clock settings otherwise. If you do end up moving some more of the settings away from settings and into the overlay display options then that might make it more intuitive to look there (at the moment it seems like everything that can be in the settings is in the settings so it's the obvious place to look). For example 'night mode' seems like it could be an option rather than a setting maybe. I tried to find the clock settings in the manual but I looked for it by searching for 'time' and looking through the 69 results. I didn't think to search for 'clock' and the entry for clock settings doesn't use the word 'time'. Search fail on my part there. Very glad that MSP has the clock option though - essential for the kind of gigs I do.

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