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Better Batch-Import
(06-17-2020, 06:54 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: Florian,

If you enable Settings->Import Settings->Automatically Add Matching Audio, and you import files under the storage location (or you batch import off the cloud), then any audio file that matches a PDF in name will be added to the song that is created. This obviously means you can only import one audio file per PDF automatically though. While in your example it may make sense to combine the audio files into one song (batch importing a folder with one PDF and many audio files), it doesn't make sense in general use where the folder will have multiple PDFs and multiple audio files, as there is no way to determine which audio files should go with which songs otherwise. If you need to add multiple audio files per PDF, you'll have to do that through the song editor. If you can think of an algorithm that would handle matching audio files to PDFs correctly that works in all cases, I'm happy to consider adding new options and/or features.

I wasn't thinking of matching audio files per se, but for example I have a lot of E-Books where there are lets say 10 songs in one PDF and then there are 10 Audio Playback Files, so "the Algorithm" could for Example look if there is exactly 1 PDF in a Folder and if then in that folder there are also multiple Audio's then it should load all of them into the Song. I think it would be very practical but only depending on this specific usecase. I know I could also split the E-Book up into multiple single PDFs but then I would have to do that for hundreds of Books...

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