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Switch to complete PDF
I think we should find out more in detail what this will be used for, to optimize what it should be able to do. If I think about moments where I want to see more of a specific piece/PDF, it's usually just for looking something up. If I want to edit it in detail, I'll make another song out of it.

To me it seems that a simple and clear workaround might be to have a single-tap link to show the currently displayed file in a file manager (on windows: Explorer), maybe a custom action. From there it would only be a double click to view it in another PDF-app, but I remember to have had this idea in another context, too: You could store different connected files just besides your PDF and have them at hand, too, which don't necessarily have to be handled by MSP (e.g. editable files of your scoring application). I'm not sure if this works on Android, though - you can probably see that this a kind of desktop-like perspective because I'm using MSP on Windows on a Surface pro...

BTW you could solve this manually by adding smart buttons to your corresponding PDF-Files (which will just open it in your standard PDF-viewer). But afaik you need to do this by hand for every song/page where you want to have this, so maybe this is not a useful option in many cases... maybe one time we get some automated way to create standard smart buttons like these? Might also be useful for people like me who always need more actions than the 9 zones allow...  Angel

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