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Switch to complete PDF
Nice that so many users chime in.

Quote: If I think about moments where I want to see more of a specific piece/PDF, it's usually just for looking something up. If I want to edit it in detail, I'll make another song out of it.

That's exactly it. No editing required. Even the loss of annotations, page order etc. of the original song is absolutely okay (if you can return easily to the song from viewing the whole pdf). I was hoping that there's no creation of a new (temporary) song is required and just thought that with a click there would be just the whole PDF availabe to navigate in.

I know and use the mentioned workarounds myself (changing the page range, make a "song" of the complete pdf and put a smartbutton where I want it, etc.). But the suggestion clearly is a convenience feature so you don't have to use workarounds for occasions like

- you play from a fakebook with your musician friends, them using an analogue one and you want to "turn pages with them" and the songs aren't necessarily in alphabetic order
- you play from a bigband "package" where all instruments and the score is in it, you use the page range to show your own instrument, but want to have a quick glimpse into the score or another instrument
- you play from a song collection but want to have a quick look into the index if a song is in it or something in the foreword or whatever, but this isn't scanned and in the library of MSP

and so on.

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